Country Log Day 1

Today is my first day in my new town. I already have witnessed some fascinating things that probably half of the country will find extremely boring to read but for my purposes I will log them here. If you are not half the country who lives in the middle of nowhere  this might be as foreign for you as it is for me. I have officially moved from busy Oahu, Hawaii to Missouri and my new town has 4,500 people in it.

This morning I went in for breakfast at a cafe. Everyone stared at me as I entered as I was the only person there they probably have never seen before. I sat down and asked if they serve mochas. She did not know what the hell of a mocha was but she can pour some coffee and a hot chocolate for me. I said it would be perfect and she charged me $1.59 for it. I asked for a breakfast sandwich and got charged 3 more dollars. I left her $2 which was nearly a 40% tip. I thought, this is probably what it feels like to land on Mars and experience 40% gravity; suddenly, you have a Michael Jordan vertical leap. Likewise, suddenly I am the Sultan of Missouri that tips generously.


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