If you had the freedom of speech, would you have anything of importance to say? If your written words could reach the eyes of millions, would you write? If your thoughts could touch a soul across the world, would you release them and connect with that person? Great questions. I will never know, because this is not the blog for that. And even if it were, probably not. This blog is meant for close friends but mostly for me to put myself out there (in a largely anonymous way of course) because my diary has no readers.

I would really leave the “about me” entirely blank so I could be a clown of mystery and wonder… but a lot of my stories would probably make less sense. So here is the scoop:

1 scoop: I’m a female military member currently stationed in Hawaii, soon to be stationed in Missouri.

2 scoops: I sometimes wonder if I missed my calling as an entertainer, because I was too busy marching around military school. Now I think this experience has developed my sense of humor and allows for a new perspective.

3 scoops: Control yourself. Last scoop is I named my blog-self “Aspiring Clown”, because when I told my mother I was majoring in Management, she replied “Management!? What are you going to do with a management degree?!” I tried to respond with the worst idea you can pitch to a hard-working, Asian-immigrant mother: “My dream is to manage a clown troupe.” Years later, still trying to make people laugh. Hence, the Aspiring Clown.

And now to end wimeth a quote:

“People who sit around making quotes have too much time on their hands.” – The Aspiring Clown


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